maybe i forgot..

Maybe I forgot to thank God for all of the blessings that He has given me. Maybe i forgot to remember the people who helped me get through life, maybe i didn’t show some gratitude, believing that i could make it on my own, but the truth is, I cannot make it on my own, I need help, help from God the most, but maybe i forgot how to pray to God.. that is why i’m still in this situation all over again. Maybe i forgot that all the struggles and trials that i am going thru, was just God testing me, and i just suddenly give up again, i didn’t have that faith and trust in God, that in the end, if i endure everything, i’ll know that it will be all worth it.


Maybe I forgot, that i am important, i don’t have to self pity or whatsoever.. well i don’t know…


Lord God, help me.