Stop Blaming Others

A woman wanted to buy a dog.

So she entered a pet store and found a cute puppy for sale.

She told the storeowner, “I’ll take him! But I’ve never had a pet dog before. Can you teach me what to do?”

“It’s easy,” said the owner. “All you have to do is feed him and bathe him.”

“Great!” the woman said as she paid and carried her little puppy home.

The next day, the woman entered the pet store with a dead puppy in her arms.

“You fooled me!” she shouted to the owner. “You never told me that it’s bad to soap a puppy when giving him a bath!”

“Huh? What soap did you use?” asked the owner.

“Laundry soap.” the woman replied.

“That’s a bit strong for the dog, but it won’t kill him,” the owner said. “Please explain to me, step by step, what happened.”

The woman said, “First, I held the dog. Second, I put soap on his fur. Third, I put him inside the washing machine and switched it on…”

Poor dog.

Friend, just like that woman, we have a human tendency to blame others for the trials we go through.

Stop blaming others.

Ask yourself instead, “Have I done anything that even partly caused what’s happening to me right now?”


May your dreams come true,



Bo Sanchez